RETURN TO THE OCEAN WITH US. Return to a space of healing and let the waters wash over you. Return to yourself. Return to KAI. Let the golden threads of time settle on your skin as reminders of times long since past - let your body carry these amulets as a promise of an abundant future. Let your wrists and fingers be over grown with coral and red twine symbols of both the divine feminine and bringers of luck. Allow yourself to be adorned with the possibility of a bright future.

Each piece in this collection transcends the traditional notion of jewellery. The KAI collection are totems. They are tokens of strength, of luck, of the unwavering feminine and the solidity of the ocean.

The intention here is simple, each piece was crafted ceremoniously to invoke whatever it is that the wearer might need more of wether it is strength, luck or protection the KAI collection has pieces that reflect all of these values and that serve as reminders of the wearer’s own divine potential.  

After these times of great strife it is our turn to celebrate, to begin again and to re-emerge from the depth of our own oceans - ready to reclaim the lives we have always wanted to live. Adorned in red and gold let us invoke the inner goddesses present in all of us and claim the bright futures like they are our birth rights.

Come home to the ocean with us.

Yours in possibility and love,


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