As a jewellery brand inherently born into the fashion industry, we want to stand proud about what we do and with that comes an integral sense of responsibility.  

The term sustainability is somewhat at odds with our industry, an industry that thrives off newness and utilises natural resources. There is no denying that. That’s why we don’t hide from our impact and instead choose to focus on transparency and to be the best version of ourselves. 

We continue to grow the brand in a conscious way - always with an unwavering commitment to do better. We by no means know it all and acknowledge that there have been mistakes along the way.

Shot on location in Namibia at the Aussenkehr Nature Reserve for the Ekho campaign.


We are a female founded and managed team, driving the brand forward without investment. We have decided to maintain ownership and grow at a slower, more responsible pace to ensure we build a brand with longevity and authenticity.

Matter of Fakt HQ is based in Cape Town, South Africa from the founders home in Tamboerskloof. We have a small integral team that works closely together. 


Arriving from backgrounds in art direction and graphic design, an ethos of craftsmanship, materiality and timelessness has always threaded through Matter of Fakt. 

We work in both fine and demi-fine materials with a focus on minimal design paired with organic textures. We craft pieces in small quantities to avoid overproduction and relentless end of season sales. That’s why you’ll see Made-To-Order and Pre-Order on the site.

Our pieces are designed to feel special and remain loved, from our *Essentials collection to our personalised pieces that become your second skin. That’s really what Matter of Fakt is all about.

“We are very much inspired by nature, so it only makes sense that we do our best to preserve it. So for us sustainable fashion means embracing a slower, non-seasonal approach and creating meaningful pieces that last.” Mary-Anne Grobler, Founder


We make use of only the most reputable suppliers who provide premium quality materials. Each piece is made in traditional methods and we don’t plate or coat any pieces. What you see is what you get and no colour changes or wearing off occurs. Ultimately this means that taking care of your pieces is so simple. Read more here:  CARE MATTERS


We use only solid metals, with no plating. We feel very strongly about this. All of our solid metals are waterproof and will last a lifetime and beyond. By not plating anything the colour of the piece is not compromised and there is no threat of colour wearing off. You won’t ever have to get it replated. We honestly can’t enforce this enough. At most your piece will need to be polished. A brass piece may need a bit of extra care but that is small action to take for the many years of wear you will get from a solid brass piece. Read more here BRASS IS BEST


Jewellery is loved so much it is often worn every day for many years. That’s why we offer a repair and restore service for all our customers to access.

Every piece at Matter of Fakt also comes with a warranty. After the warranty expires we offer an easy to access and affordable repairs service that covers all needs from fixing to cleaning.


At Matter of Fakt, we want to encourage a more circular economy and way of thinking when it comes to fashion. That's why we have introduced up-cycling.

Send us your unwanted hallmarked sterling silver and solid gold jewellery old or new (from any brand, excluding beaded and enamelled pieces) and we’ll up-cycle it into a Matter of Fakt piece for you.



The aim is that each of our partner workshops will source 100% recycled raw metals for our pieces from certified sources. This assures us that the refinement process and supply chain is closely monitored to meet strict social, ethical and environmental standards.


While recycled metals decrease our footprint, we also recognise that mining is a vital form of livelihood for more than 100 million individuals around the globe. 

We aim to create a capsule collection in Single Mine Origin Gold and continue to strategize around how we can integrate it further.


Traceability and responsible sourcing are major challenges in the semi-precious stone world. We cannot deny that these materials are part of a real world, with millions of people involved in sourcing, cutting and selling. We import a large portion of our semi-precious stones from Jaipur, India and maintain a close relationship with these suppliers.

“We have met with and visited our supplier in Jaipur, India. We took a trip to out to the workshop and even met the owners family. It was a heartwarming experience as we could see the impact we were making on a whole family unit.” Mary-Anne Grobler, Founder


Our packaging is both beautiful whilst also being kind to the environment. Our fabric jewellery bags are locally made from fabric cut offs and are reusable as storage for your jewellery while on the move. Our jewellery boxes are manufactured locally and made to last for protective storage for your pieces. Our shipper boxes are made from eco-friendly corrugated board and can be easily recycled alongside household paper recycling systems. 

We are in the process eradicating the need for plastic courier bags and instead use waybills and crafted FSC e-commerce boxes that are both hardy and recyclable.

“The most glaringly obvious challenge in the jewellery industry is getting rid of plastic, in the form of the polybag. Copious amounts are used for shipping across local and international supply chains. This was such a tangible daily issue we couldn’t ignore it." Rizqah Isaacs, Brand Manager


We have been working to eliminate the plastic we don’t need in our supply chain and innovate on the plastic we do need so that it is safely reused, recycled or composted. Polybags are the clear plastic bag that protect jewellery from workshop to our warehouses. It’s the plastic you never get to see as well as what is insisted to be used by some large e-commerce platforms we supply.

So we’ve taken action on our end by collecting all the plastic bags that reach us and recycle it from our home base in Cape Town. We have swapped bubble wrap for cardboard and paper padding along with paper biodegradable tape. We will continue to work with our retailers in order to improve the use of plastics. It’s the little details that matter. 


Community refers to everyone the brand encounters from our workshop teams to our suppliers and customers. As we have grown, we recognise the strength of diversity, inclusion, and honest relationships with every stakeholder.


Espadril (tag) and Matter of Fakt have joined to create Matters-Of, a long term project that endeavours to reinforce what we are made of; by encapsulating our appreciation for all things made to matter and creating a platform committed to being inclusive and conscious.

In Volume. 1 of Matters-Of; we stood in solidarity with the Saartjie Baartman centre. In order to help empower these women together with 5 other local brands we developed a giveaway that consisted of a collection of artisanal beautiful goods. Donations were made and the collection of goods was a prize to one lucky donater. 


We craft our pieces locally in Cape Town, South Africa. As of 2022 we no longer manufacture in-house and work with local workshops and continue to build long lasting relationships. We work together with small workshops with 1 manufacturer up to bigger teamed manufacturers. 

With every workshop we always strive to establish honest, open and transparent relationships which are supported by more formal audits and agreements that hold us all accountable for high levels of responsible and ethical practice. This mix of personal and professional due diligence ensures the safe, healthy, and fair working conditions, as well as gender equality and fair wages of the staff at each of our workshops.

We ensure time is taken to speak continuously with our workshops and we strive to visit them often to ensure the relationship remains strong. It’s also a complete joy to see the expertise and skill that goes into every single piece.


We import pieces such as chains and findings made in italy. Crafted by hand, machinery, or both, Italian gold and silver jewellery is created by masters in the five regions of Italy most famous for producing the world's best jewellery manufacturers. Pieces made in Italy include this stamp of approval.

In the hopes of bridging borders we aim to build closer relationships with these suppliers and plan to visit the factories to witness first hand the incredible pieces being created there.



1. Buy Local: Work with and purchase from local suppliers and artisans to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

2. Solid Metals: Purchase pieces in solid metals such as gold, silver or brass that will last a lifetime. 

3. Sustainable Materials: Use eco-friendly and responsibly sourced materials like recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones.

4. Certifications: Look for certifications, such as Fair Trade or certifications for eco-friendly materials, that demonstrate commitment to sustainability.

5. Packaging: Use eco-friendly packaging materials and reduce excess packaging wherever possible.

6. Reduce Waste: Minimise waste by using efficient methods and recycling materials.

7. Repair: Utilise repair services.

8. Up-cycle: Utilise up-cycle services and upgrade old metals or pieces.

9. Education: Educate your friends and family about the importance of sustainable practices.